June 27, 2022

Car donation had been a popular tax maneuver in the United States as people used to take thousands of dollars worth of tax deductions. However, since 2004, after the passing of the American Jobs Creation Act, this has come to an end. This has lowered the selling of much older autos as it garnered very little from the charity.

Why should one donate a car?

Here, are a few reasons when and why people should decide to donate a car that includes:

● Provide the vehicle to charity

If anyone has an unused car and is aware of some trusted charity, can give the cars for free to anyone who can make good use of it, in terms of delivering food to the elders, taking unprivileged people to doctors or others.

● Avoid hassles of selling car

One of the best ways to avoid the hassles of selling as well as bestow the society by helping the needy is to sell cars for free. There will be no need of paying newspapers for ads or dealing with numerous phone calls or emails or the tedious task of showing the car to potential buyers and selling the price.

● Free pick-up services

Many charities provide free pickup services. This reduces the effort of towing the car away from the garage to its destination.

Popular charities donate a car

While donating a car, one needs to keep in mind highly efficient trusted charities where the donated car will be used for their several programs for the purposes of helping out underprivileged people or giving a car for free to the people in need. With this in mind, here are some of the well-known charities in the US that one can consider:

● One Car, One Difference

The Insurance Auto Auctions run this public awareness program through online platforms which handle all aspects of the car donation process. They do that either through a website named One Car, One Donation, or an online tool named, Auto Donation.com.

● Charity Motors

This is one of the highly efficient charities that first sells the car to the people in need for about 50 percent fair market price and then proceeds the whole amount for other charitable deeds of the seller’s interest. They also are popular for their high tax deductibility and what can be better than having both the benefits.

● Car Donation Wizard

A commercial fundraising organization named Advanced Remarketing Services provides this tool, Car Donation Wizard. They passed 80% of the charities to programs benefiting human needs.

Other non-profitable popular organizations include Arc Vehicle Donation, Allstate Car Donations, and Riteway Charity Services which offers fair deals to charity.

Steps to prepare a car for donation

Vehicle donation has multiple procedures and requirements, however, all of them follow some basic steps which are discussed here.

● Checking requirements of the concerned charity

A charity that sells parts for cars will have different requirements than charities that provide cars for free for multiple emergencies to the service of people.

● Preparing paperwork

Important paperwork that includes putting a title to the procedure, title transfer form, and others for instance any accident details are needed to be done with utmost sincerity. Filling out paperwork is the most important aspect of the whole car Donation procedure as it may stall further proceedings.

● Basic checkup

Delivering the car in good condition is desirable. One needs to check the basic components for instance wipers, windows, lights, brakes, and tires. For a car that is too old, chances are higher to have a flat tire. Therefore, such things are an integral part of checking before donating.

● Perform needed cleaning, put keys together

Putting all the keys together and evaluating a cleaning procedure is indeed important to provide the car in the best possible condition. One can always opt for automobile services that offer some deep cleaning procedures.

● Remove personal belongings

After all the above programs, removing your personal belongings is one important thing that one needs to be careful about before handing over the car.

Benefits that car donation brings

  • Children and families with certain pediatric medical disorders help them both in educational and emotional needs.
  • Animals and wildlife rescues
  • Serving food, bringing medicines, or taking homeless people or street animals to medical centers for emergency checkups and others.


Charities that have contracts with the popular non-profitable association such as the American Red Cross, Boy Scouts of America, and other institutions, are more reliable in terms of maintaining the integrity and making a seamless donation to the procedure.