June 27, 2022

Five Helpful Tips For Finding The Right Mechanic. Finding the right mechanic for your vehicle is important.
You need someone that you can trust who is knowledgeable and equipped to handle your vehicle’s needs.
Unfortunately however, most people put little thought into finding the right mechanic and simply use the dealer they purchased their vehicle from.
In this article we’ll take a look at some of the factors that go into choosing a mechanic and help you find one that is right for your vehicle.

Price Matters, to an Extent

One of the most common complaints about mechanics is how much they charge.
Five Helpful Tips For Finding The Right Mechanic.
Customers are rarely prepared for the extent of the bill they receive once service is finished and feel like they’ve been duped out of their hard earned money.
However, there are some things to factor in. Your bill is a function of two main components, parts and labor.
The labor charge is what the mechanic can control as most have relatively fixed costs for parts.
Ask what their hourly rate is.
A lower hourly rate isn’t necessarily better when choosing since an experienced mechanic is capable of completing work on your vehicle in less time and will bill for fewer hours.

Scheduling and Availability

Being without your car is not fun.
While a busy mechanic is a good sign, in that a lot of other customers trust them with their vehicles, an extremely busy mechanic may not be right for you.
Before taking your vehicle in be sure to how long the type of work you need done takes and factor that into choosing a mechanic for your vehicle.
If you’re a regular customer they may prioritize you and get your vehicle sooner.

Build a Relationship With Your Mechanic

The best way to find a great mechanic is to talk to several.
Ask about their experience, what type of vehicles they specialize in, how long they have been in business, how they started, etc.
It’s important to learn about their business and expertise and then choose the one that feels best for your vehicle’s needs.

The Right Mechanic For Your Vehicle

The mechanic that your neighbor raves about doing great work on their lifted truck may not be the right mechanic for your exotic sports car. Likewise if you’re looking for a mechanic to work on your boat then hiring a mobile marine mechanic is the right option rather than trusting it’s specialized marine engine to a regular car mechanic.
This comes down to talking to your mechanic, understanding their expertise and competencies.
Many mechanics focus on a certain type of vehicle and specialize in providing service to customers with those vehicles.

Ask Around

In addition to talking directly to potential mechanics for your vehicle, you should ask friends, family, and neighbors.
Read reviews online, with a grain of salt of course.
While not everyone you talk to will have the same vehicle as you, if they’ve had a positive experience with a local mechanic then it’s worth talking to that mechanic and seeing if they’re right for you.
The best time to start this process is when you purchase a vehicle, before it needs any major work done.
The last place you want to be is needing major repairs for your vehicle and not knowing a trustworthy mechanic in the area that you can take it to.
Be proactive and your ownership experience will be a lot better!