June 27, 2022

Harley-Davidson Stage Upgrades. There are Stage I-IV upgrades that improve the performance and the look and feel of your bike.
You don’t need a new bike for horsepower gains or to generate some torque specifications.
Keep in mind that if you need to make any purchases, get Harley-Davidson OEM parts.
Now, let’s walk through the four stages for you to know exactly what to go for.


Stage 1 – Simple performance upgrade

I recommend this one for you if you want to enhance the look, sound, and performance of your bike.
Also, it gives you a great foundation for any future upgrades.
And if you’re like me, once you taste the heightened performance level, you crave for more.
Stage 1 starts with enhancing your exhaust system, giving more room for gas to escape.
And I like how it gives you the raw, powerful, Harley sound, crisp throttle response, and more enjoyable riding experience.
The price varies depending on the exhaust and air filter you choose. But generally, it’s a very affordable procedure.

Stage 2 – Tailoring it to you

If you love cruising at high speeds, I recommend that you level up to Stage II.
Upgrade your torque cam or power cam according to your riding style.
It’s perfect for adrenaline junkies.
When I upgraded my torque kit, I experience a 15% increase in performance.
My throttle response and acceleration were AI and I could pass even the slow-moving without having to downshift.
Upgrading the power kit, on the other hand, gives you a 25% increase in performance.
It can literally feel the power building all the way to the finish line.

Stage 3 – Instant power

Are you craving for on-ramp acceleration? Stage 3 gives you an adrenaline rush on another level.
Here, you get up to a 35% increased performance.
It increases engine displacement allowing more air and fuel intake by the engine.
You also get a higher compression piston that combines the air and fuel into a volatile mixture.
And when ignited, you unleash instant raw power without downshifting.

Stage 4 – Absolute power and performance

I have to caution any newbie rider here, you can’t jump from zero to stage 4. It’s deadly.
Practice and master your craft before getting a stage IV upgrade.
You’ll experience up to 50% increase in performance as you get the maximum possible increase in displacement, compression, and flow.
You get higher flowing CNC ported cylinder hands and a bigger bore throttle body.
In return, these increase the volume of fuel and air getting into the engine, increasing velocity and maximizing the power.